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主演:Christopher Pearson ... Charles Beaumont Jennifer Inch ... Frank and Frances Sophie Favier ... Maud Alain Dumaurier ... Harmstorf  


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w w w x x x c om Cha omrlie, a young aristocrat in turn of the century England, meets a boy named Frank on the road to Portsmouth. What Charlie doesnt realize is that Frank is cactually Frances, whos docnned a disguise to escape working at a brothel. Charlie takes Fraw w w x x x nk/Frances into his home, and when he discovers hw w w x x x er true identity, the two become lovers. He sends herw w w x x x  to London to be trained by his mistress in the art of sex, but she learns much more about her identity as a woman. Before the opening credits, explicitly on-screen it reads: "Based on the famous Victorian erotic novel by an anonymous writer".

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